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Cracked LCD Screens: How Do Laptop Screens become Damaged?

Cracked Laptop Screen – There are a variety of factors that could result in a cracked laptop screen. It could have fallen from its bag while you were taking it from the trunk of your car. Perhaps you left it on your work desk at home, and a child dragged it down, landing on its face. Or perhaps you just have a cracked screen and have no idea what happened. Worrying about how your screen became cracked is no longer an issue; what matters now is knowing what to do if your laptop screen becomes cracked.

Can A Cracked LCD Screen Be Repaired?

The liquid crystal material in a liquid crystal display (LCD) is sandwiched between two sheets of glass. Liquid crystal molecules are aligned in parallel with the glass surface in the absence of any voltage applied between transparent electrodes. When a voltage is applied, they reverse direction and become vertical to the glass surface. Depending on their orientation, they have different optical properties. As a result, the amount of light transmitted can be controlled by combining the motion of liquid crystal molecules with the polarization direction of two polarizing plates attached to both outer sides of the glass sheets. These characteristics are used by LCDs to display images.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. When a screen cracks, the resulting damage extends beyond the glass. As a result, gluing the glass together will not solve your issue. Thousands of transistors on your laptop’s screen are irreparably damaged when the screen cracks. Attempting to connect all of these will require more resources than purchasing a new computer. As a result, this is not a viable option.

Is A Cracked LCD Screen Hazardous?

LCD screens are unquestionably expensive, and it is difficult to accept when such screens are damaged. When a computer screen is damaged, users frequently overlook the idea of repairing the screen right away. However, the majority of people are unaware that it can be dangerous. A cracked LCD screen can be extremely hazardous to both the user and the surrounding environment. Here are a few dangers of a cracked LCD computer screen:

  • Leakage – Liquid crystals are used to create a specific image on LCD screens. While it is rare for crystals to leak from the screen. When crystals do escape, they do not resemble liquid. Because it is unknown how the crystals react to human skin, it is best to exercise caution when handling a laptop with a cracked screen. There are a number of health risks when a crack develops on a computer LCD monitor; one cannot simply ignore the hazardous components and the unknown side effects associated with the materials.
  • Mercury Infused Materials and Vapors – Mercury is commonly used in computer LCD screens to produce visible light for viewing purposes. When a crack appears on the screen, Mercury usually vaporizes. If the Mercury level falls, it can become dangerous to the human body; allergic reactions, severe rashes on the screen, and birth defects are just a few of the disorders that have been linked to Mercury exposure. As a result, if you have a cracked LCD screen, we recommend that you handle the laptop with caution and seek the assistance of a computer repair professional.

Cracked LCD Screen Replacement

Now that we’ve established that repairing a cracked LCD screen on a laptop isn’t possible, we’re left with only one viable option: replace the LCD. The other option is to replace the laptop entirely. You wouldn’t want to do this because a cracked LCD screen does not imply that the rest of the laptop is broken. You can keep all of your files and programs if you replace the screen. This also allows you to keep a device with which you are familiar and are familiar with its features. When you purchase a new laptop, you must reinstall all of your application programs and transfer all of your data files to the new computer.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price to replace a cracked LCD screen can vary widely depending on the manufacturer, age of the laptop, the form factor, and the availability of replacement parts. Typical prices can range from $90 – $350. The best course of action is to request a price quote using the form in the sidebar or here

It is always recommended that you treat your laptop with the utmost care. You will feel the pain of having to pay for something you could have avoided, whether you replace the screen or the laptop itself.

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