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How To Reduce The Bounce Rate on Your Website

You must first determine which metrics to track in order to determine what is a good bounce rate (BR) for your site.  BRs of more than 80% could indicate a problem with the tracking code or installation.  Because BRs vary between pages and sites, it’s difficult to say what proportion of visitors is a good bounce rate. BRs on blogs, for example, are high since users may click on them by accident and really aren’t interested in the products or services you offer. Although it’s impossible to know how many people visit your blog without trying, a BR of 20% or fewer for these type of visits is ideal.

BRs can be improved by fine-tuning your website’s content. Changing how visitors engage with your website can lower bounce rates and increase conversions significantly. You should also make your message as clear and straightforward as feasible. You can do this by comparing yourself to other successful websites and keeping track of your own metrics. You can also start measuring your conversion rates by lowering your BR once you’ve established a satisfactory performance goal.

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