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Awesome Service

awesome service

Received a used laptop from my brother-in-law to use for school. I am doing an online class at a local college and a reliable computer is a must. I was going on vacation and thought that the laptop would be ideal to stay up to date with my school work (quizzes and online discussion board} and enjoy my vacation. Unfortunately the programs that I had purchased from Microsoft were giving me a hard time to install on the computer. Even after I had talked to their service rep. it would not load.

Now I started to worry. Look up computer service in the area and found Tech360i talked to a rep. he sent my request in and within an hour received an email asking me about my issues. Jim told me via email to drop off the computer and within the next day I had a working computer and now I am very stoked for my vacation. If Jim could do my school work I would give six stars. They provided awesome service!

Response from Tech360i Computer Services

Hello Craig – Thank you for the opportunity to help resolve the problem you had installing Microsoft Office on your laptop. We are glad we could help and enjoy your vacation.

Craig D

Fixed My Toshiba


Thank you Tech360i! My Toshiba was blinking off and on, sometimes there was nothing but a black screen. I have a hectic schedule and require my laptop for most of it. Thank goodness Tech360i not only worked with my schedule, but actually fixed it while I was sleep. I woke to a fixed and ready to work laptop. Painless…no standing in line, no leaving my laptop for weeks on end, convenient and easy on the pocket

Response from Tech360i Computer Services

Thank you Yvonne, we appreciate your business.


Yvonne H

High Quality Service, Great Techs


Quality Service. Great technician, efficient, diagnostics thorough, would call again for sure!

Response from Tech360i Computer Services

Hi Denise – Thank you for your business. We are glad you were pleased with our services and look forward to working with you again. Please pass your positive experience with us to your friends and colleagues.

Denise M

Great Service

great service

Great service. I broke my laptop screen just before college was starting and in sent my laptop in for a repair. It was replaced and fixed within a couple weeks for a very reasonable price. Saved me a lot a trouble from having to go without a laptop in college.

Response from Tech360i Computer Services

Hello Brandon – Thank you for selecting Tech360i. We’re glad your laptop is working to your satisfaction and we wish you all the best with your studies in college.

Brandon C

Top Notch Service and Quality


I was very impressed at how responsive Tech360i are. I called and got an immediate response, instructions on what to do, dropped off my laptop and it was fixed in short order. I would definitely use their services again and would recommend them to others.

Response for Tech360i Computer Services

Hello Mike – We appreciate your kind words and your business. Great customers like you help us grow and serve our community of delighted clients.

Michael L

Good Advice

good advice

Good advice by technician via phone

Response from Tech360i Computer Services

Hi Joseph – Thank you for your review! We appreciate your confidence in our business and we look forward to working with you again soon. Jim

Joseph X

Fast Response, Professional

surface pro 4 won't start

My Surface Pro 4 won’t start. It just stopped working, no previous warning, no new apps downloaded, battery stopped holding a charge. Hasn’t been working in 2 months.

Response from Tech360i Computer Services

Hello Harry – Thank you for contacting our Help Desk about the problem with your tablet laptop. Glad were were able to help and provide some useful recommendations. If you have any questions in the future, please feel free to reach out to us.


Harry R