Do I need additional cooling?

additional cooling

I had someone take a look at my PC and they recommended that I install additional cooling for my CPU. I have significantly upgraded the MB, GPU & CPU so it might make sense. I have 6 fans, but the radiator is only a 120mm. I would like to upgrade it to at least a 240mm but I’m not sure if there is room, I’m not familiar with where things can go in the build. PC is just over a year old and I clean for dust every few months or so.

Response from Tech360i Computer Services – Additional Cooling

It was not clear from the pictures if your case can accommodate a 240mm cooling radiator. The larger radiator would extend down toward the graphics card and the there may not be enough clearance for the larger radiator including a fan. Sometimes the radiator can be mounted on the top of the case if there are vents (did see in the pictures if the top of your case was vented or solid).
If you are planning any future upgrades a larger case and additional cooling will be helpful.

Have you looked at the operating temperatures of the CPU and case? Depending on the motherboard, you should be able to find this information in the BIOS. If you don’t have this information, are you receiving any temperature alerts/alarms?

Customer Response

No holes up top. The CPU is operating at 65C.

Tech360i Response

Based on the information you provided, we don’t think 65C is a temperature to be concerned about … the max temperature of the Ryzen 9 5900X is 90C so you still have quite a bit of headroom. The radiator fan should be connected to the CPU fan connection on the motherboard which is designed to automatically increase fans speed (rpm) as the temperature rises.

Before purchasing another radiator or case, we recommend increasing the speed on all fans (particularly the radiator fan) to increase airflow and provide additional cooling, but the tradeoff will be more noise. The direction of the fans (i.e., air flow) is another important consideration. Not sure why additional cooling was recommended, especially when you are not experiencing any problems and the CPU temperature is well within the operating range.