Liquid Spill: What should I do if liquid is spilled on my laptop keyboard?

liquid spillThe first step for a liquid spill is to immediately turn off your laptop, unplug the charger from the laptop (if applicable), and remove the battery, if possible. The objective is to remove all power sources that can create a short-circuit in your laptop. Next, turn your laptop upside down to let any liquid drain from your keyboard. We recommend leaving your laptop in this position for 1 – 2 days.

At the completion of the ‘drying out’ period, turn over your laptop and inspect the keyboard for any remaining visible liquid. If none is found, connect the battery (if applicable) and turn on your laptop.

There are three (3) outcomes from a liquid spill:

  1. The laptop will power up successfully. At this point no other actions are needed.
  2. The laptop appears to be ‘dead’ and will not power up. In this case, you should call a computer repair company to inspect your motherboard.
  3. The laptop boots up successfully, bur some or all the keys on the keyboard do not work. The keyboard is damaged and you should have the keyboard replaced.

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